Tracing Beneficiaries

Dying without a Will (Intestate) or making a Will that is left as a gift to a beneficiary who cannot be traced is commonplace. In such cases, the relatives of the deceased or the beneficiary must be found in order that the estate of the deceased can be correctly administered. Family members and friends lose touch for many reasons and this often proves a problem in probate-related matters.

When the routine straightforward methods of locating a person or people have been unsuccessful, the services of specialist companies with a proven track record such as Tracing Beneficiaries are called upon. Sometimes the beneficiaries, next-of-kin, or rightful Heirs need to be established so as to determine who inherits the estate.

Legal Sector Support a Speciality

We are normally appointed by Solicitors who are acting as Executors of a Will or personal representatives of the deceased. Tracing Beneficiaries are able to establish the correct persons to be located and are often called upon to provide comprehensive reports including an informative family tree and its supporting documentation. The report includes full contact details of those parties that need to receive correspondence. We often work on cases where the next of kin is unknown. We work on a time spent basis ( not commission ) this often results in lowering costs for the client. An initial budget is often agreed to start the process.

About Us

Tracing Beneficiaries was conceived by professionals in 1995 and we have provided a friendly no-fuss service that has gained popularity and recognition over these last 20 years. You can be assured of the utmost confidentiality, and information is protected vigilantly. On no account is data ever compromised or divulged to third parties because unlike other people-search companies, we do not rely on other agencies as all of our tracing work is performed in-house.

A cost-effective all-in-one, in-house service provider

Our staff includes Probate Genealogists, Professional Investigators, experienced Tracing Agents and Researchers. With proven expertise in locating descendants and difficult-to-trace people, we are at a significant advantage over other companies who struggle with the difficult cases (often needing to out-source the work). We know this, because some of the tracing work we undertake is for such companies (that are unable to provide a comprehensive service to their clients).

National and International Searches

Based in Sussex, Tracing Beneficiaries trace and locate people throughout the UK and overseas. UK-based businesses and individuals may often appoint us, and we work just as effectively for distance clients. All cases receive prompt and accurate reporting during the progress of the investigation.

Confidential, Discreet and Thorough Professionals

You can contact us at or call 0800 410 1066 to speak to one of our experienced team who would be pleased to assist in absolute confidence. We respond promptly to online enquiries if you choose to use the form below. We always go out of our way to earn recommendations and future business. Tracing Beneficiaries also offers genealogy and family tracing services in addition to people-tracing. Please click on the icons below for more information.

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  • Friends and Lost Relatives
  • Ex-partners
  • Subjects of Legal Processes
  • Previous Tenants
  • Missing Persons
  • Witnesses
  • Debtors

tracing persons

Tracing Beneficiaries

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  • Tracing Beneficiaries
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